Tech Tip: Installing a Sway Bar Disconnect Link

An age old question for mountain riders is “To Sway Bar, or Not to Sway Bar?”  A sway bar helps you corner flatter on the trails between the parking lot and play area, but it can make it harder to roll the sled when carving in deep snow.  We’ve got a quick and easy solution to get the best of both worlds:  the sway bar disconnect link, available as a Ski-Doo accessory.

Watch to see how it works and how to install it:

To buy the Quick Disconnect Link, see your dealer or at the Ski-Doo online store.



2 Responses to Tech Tip: Installing a Sway Bar Disconnect Link

  1. can I do this as well with my 2011 TNT do lots of powder riding and drift jumping

  2. Tres Meyer says:

    Have used it on a 09 summit x for the last two years and it works well. Oh and I guess it is plenty strong too. :)

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