Stephanie Schwartz Hits the RTR Performance Ride

Nothing makes me feel better – not yoga, not paddling my kayak, not riding my MX bike – than getting out and sledding!

What a weekend I had, heading out riding  on the RTR Performance dealer/customer ride.  The Kamloops Ski-Doo dealership does this ride annually the first weekend and I always mark it on the calendar.

This weekend was about meeting lots and lots of new people, loving the new Ski-Doo Freeride 146, watching dealers and customers do getting together on the mountain and making memories and creating smiles.  Two things made the weekend especially rewarding.

First, I saw one woman struggling, and she told me she was bummed because she felt like she was always stuck and apologizing constantly.  As she sat on her newly purchased sled, she looked like she had given up.  I can’t have that on MY rides!  I told her husband, “Go ride, buddy.  I’ll look after your wife.”

I took her under my wing and helped her with her technique the rest of the day. I wanted her to enjoy the sport and her Ski-Doo as much as everyone else in the group.   We worked on carving, climbing, and riding technical routes.  Heading down at the end of Day 1, she passes me right up rides up to her husband and starts giving him high 5′s !!! She had a great time the rest of the weekend.  This is what I have become to love almost as much as freeriding with my usual posse.

The other “WOW Factor” was my Ski-Doo Freeride 146.  That sled blew my mind! Look, I’ve always been a 163, 154 type girl but wow wow wow!!!  After a few days of playing on the Freeride 146, I am more than excited The way the new PowderMax 2.5 track handles is off-the-wall impressive!  That sled and I have a love affair with each other and this season, in my eyes. is gonna be one to remember !  The Freeride 146 is an impressive MOUNTAIN sled.

This is the beginning of my season and if it’s any indication, I’m gonna have one amazing winter!

Thanks RTR, Craig, Duce, Paul, Rod, Wilson and all the ride attendees for so much fun – on and off the snow!

Click Steph’s pictures from to see them full-size or to start a slide show:

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    I LOVE STEPHY POO TOO!!!!!!! :)

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