Learn More About the ABS Avalanche Backpack

Every ride into the mountains on your snowmobile carries an avalanche risk.  And more and more snowmobilers are carrying along avalanche airbag systems as another safety precaution.

Because we want as many riders as possible to be as prepared as possible, this year we are offering ABS avalanche airbags through our Ski-Doo dealers and at store.ski-doo.com.  This includes the system itself, as well as two sizes of zip-on backpacks with the Ski-Doo logo.

The ABS avalanche airbag is an intelligent system used to prevent complete burial in avalanches and to survive an incident as unharmed as possible.  98% of avalanche victims who activated the ABS airbag survived virtually unharmed.

ABS was the first (in 1985) in the industry and are are recognized by many as the best. Their premium construction and long track record of excellent performance separate them from the rest of the packs. Experienced riders won’t take the risk of a lower priced bag when their life might depend on it.

Watch as Freeride Ambassador Dave Norona takes us into the ABS factory to explain the technology, assemble his system for the season and demonstrate the airbag.


ABS Avalanche airbag system with

Of course, no piece of equipment will keep you as safe as your brain – take an avalanche awareness training course and do research online.

Learn more about the ABS system, technology and testimonials at www.abs-airbag.com.

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