Chaffin: My 2014 Renegade X Set-Up

renegade - after 1_FB

Because I’m a girl and pretty petite, I often get asked about my sled set-up. Here’s how I make my Ski-Doo Renegade sled work for me.  More about my Freeride 137 in another post.

renegade - after 5_FBFront Shocks – For the front shocks, I take off the HPG Plus R shocks that come stock with the Renegade X and upgrade to the KYB Pro 40 R Easy-Adjust shocks. These are the stock shocks on the Freeride, MX Z X-RS and MX Zx 600 RS race sled and I love them! I love being able to make easy adjustments if I’m on the trail or in the mountains. Right now, I’ve cranked up my front shocks’ clickers to 15 and the rebound in the middle because our local trails have been rugged with large bumps and ruts.

Rear Shocks – This is one of my favorite things about the Renegade X. It comes with KYB Pro 36 Easy-Adjust shocks so I don’t have to make any dramatic changes!  It’s also easy to dial in the rMotion for conditions. Since I set my front stiff, I set the rear stiff too. The best handling snowmobile is one that is balanced and level front to rear. I turned the coupling system to 3. my quick adjust preload at is at a 3 ½ and rear shock clicker is set at 14.  Now, these are pretty aggressive for someone my size, but the last thing I want is to bottom my suspensions on jumps.

Sway bar – If I was going to use this sled strictly for trail I would leave the sway bar attached. Since this is my crossover sled I removed it to make side hilling easier.

Skis – I like a really aggressive ski, so I go for C&A Pro Razors. These skis are made for trails, but work well for me in the mountains because they’re a little wider than the stock Renegade skis but with a bit more bite on the trails. I like to put a small carbide on them, a 4.5 inch shaper bar or a 6 inch round bar works best. Going with a more aggressive and longer the carbide makes turning more difficult.

Riser & Handlebars – Since the Renegade X is a perfect crossover sled I like to keep these stock. The standard 4 in. riser is a perfect fit for me and I like the straight bars for both trail and mountain riding. To determine the height I like, I get in an aggressive riding stance and check to see how much my knees are bending. I like to have a little bend for cushioning with bumps and the standard set-up is perfect for me at 5 ft. 5 in.

renegade - before 6_FBStyle – I take off the Renegade air deflectors and fill the empty spots with hood filler plates. I also take off the hand guards. For trails these are awesome and protect my hands, yet since I’m using this sled for mountains AND trails I prefer to keep them off. I also do a custom wrap each year.  It really personalizes my sled and since its just stickers, it’s pretty easy. However, patience is something I learned when putting these on.

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