Ashley Chaffin Valdez Snowmageddon

by Ashley Chaffin, Summit Freeride Ambassador

It has been called by the media as ” Valdez Snowmageddon” as record setting snow hits Valdez, Alaska!   It’s pretty crazy here and I can barely see out my two-story house windows.

See some more amazing pics after the jump.

We are not only known for the snowiest place in Alaska, but one of the snowiest places in the world.  And this year we definitely have bragging rights. We’ve already accumulated 322.1 inches of snow, 168.1 inches more than the seasonal average for the same date, and after 31 days of straight snowfall, the dumping finally stopped Wednesday.

I was actually excited to have a break from shoveling so I could cruise town on my Freeride. It was awesome to leave my front yard and check out the town. My dog fence panels are 6ft high and the snow was at least 2-3 feet over in my yard. Maze-like pathways of snow make it possible to go anywhere. Every street I turn down there is heavy equipment working day and night. Roofs have collapsed and when houses shed its like a small avalanche.

I’m really excited to get up in the mountains and ride all this new snow.   Were on pace to beat our yearly record of 560.7 inches, with our snowiest months still ahead of us! Check out some of these pictures of my ride around town, it’s pretty cool.

3 Responses to Ashley Chaffin Valdez Snowmageddon

  1. Cody says:

    That is crazy!, wish i had snow like that in Ontario :P

  2. Austin says:

    To think people were whining about the foot and 1/2 we got in Ketchikan… We need to go deep into the mountain for snow like that!

  3. Nick says:

    Is any one going to drive down there just to go ridding?? Snow here in Fairbanks is not all that great . :( I would sure like to get down there!

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