2013 Ski-Doo Summit Snowmobiles

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  1. Durwood Sagvold says:

    I have a 2009 Summit and planning to buy a 2013. But if you don’t at least match Polaris weight, I will be buying a polaris…. I have been riding in moutains for 25 years and weight is everything!!!!!

  2. Duncan says:

    I don’t agree that weight is everything. Also depends a lot on what sort of mountain riding you are doing.

  3. Kevin says:

    The wet weIghts aren’t that far off between brands. Remember too that the doo has the heaviest muffler, so that’s a easy fIx

  4. Kevin says:

    Plus you must have heard about polaris’s breaking running boards? Lol

  5. Dion Morton says:

    16 inc wide track will kick ass in powder at all times. we took a switch back 2012 against a 2008 renegade and the renegade was almost 10 mph faster in the snow. Polaris can kiss my ass.

  6. Dale Tilling says:

    well polaris is light nimble and are currently building there sleds in a very carefull quality oriented fashion, as they do not have much room for mistakes do to there recent market downfall.
    ski doo gambles, and this sometimes costs there costumers money and inconveniences, like in 2008
    when guys where going thru two, too three belts a day. Just imagine you paid $15000.00 canadian for a sled and you pop a freash belt on a climb, then lose your sled down into tree’s.
    This year they have a flexing suspention, at the rear and stiff or should I say solid at the front. ????? Where do I start with this, first off aluminum doe’s not like to flex and has no memory like steel. Second aluminum strength deteriorates when stressed with cold temperature.
    The idea would work rather well with carbon fiber rails, but we should be so lucky to see carbon fiber on skidoo for our $15000.00, coulda sworn i seen some carbon fiber on those new polaris.
    Its funny $15000.00 gets you 3000km on a skidoo and about 6000 on a cat before engine problems, but If you use that same money on a car you can get 200000-300000km. PS, ( Ya used to get a sled for $5000- $7000 and now the world has lean manufacturing and innovation in production like CNC machines, lathes, breaks, shears, mills, waterjets, witch cuts production time down and saves on wasted material and tooling, but yet sled cost’s are doubled.

  7. Summit rider says:

    And now Polaris is going to be making sleds in Mexico, wtf!! Enough said…

  8. harold taylor says:

    if youll wanna buy a polaris based on weight factors then go buy one and realize why they fall short of a canadian built sled such as the skidoo track . and angle of said track and undercarriage the t bar system the whole sled screams dominance and does make you that much better on the mountain so what ever the naw sayers believe is what they should buy and dont cry when you break down get stuck and jus cant get to the top its a poor world we live in when all prof of what skidoo has created over the years and still is doing the people who buy other brands still spend rediculas amounts of money trying to beat what the smart world rides stock to the top

    • aknickmartin says:

      You have clearly never ridden a Pro RMK, I dont know about the XM but skidoo feels heavy compared to the Pro. You just sounded retared with this post.

  9. Jason says:

    Well I have taken the time to read all the posts. FOR the record Skidoo has been the industry leader…
    They alone have pushed the OTHER manufacturers to provide a better sled for their loyal customers. If Polaris ever gets a better motor and Cat just lost there engine supplier, or gave them up. They have sued each other and went back and forth over the years swapping customer base year after year. If your a Cat guy buy Polaris this year if your a Polaris guy go buy into another year of not being happy with your manufacturer and get a Cat this time. Skidoo’s only down fall is the Primary on the top end of a pull and the fixed secondary. Also Weight in the mountains isn’t everything, you both know the ratio 7:1 and the 2012 Pro rocks in the timber I hear the 2013 Pro rocks too. On the other hand two guys here rode them side by side one of each Pro 2013′s and Skidoo 2013 and the Shidoo devastated the Pro even tho it weights more. Hmm go figure

  10. clay young says:

    I’m curious about how much more weight the solid track adds and how much this benefits the rider in deep moutain powder? I’ve heard/read a number of comments on how much better this track is in deep powder and it seems like an important component of getting all the e-tec power transfered into forward momentum. I’ve found the ability to stay on top the snow in conbination with agility make the difference in the mountains of Idaho. Comments?

  11. Shawn says:

    Polaris might have the lightest sleds, but their reliability is an issue. I have two buddies that ride Pro-RMK’s that are brand new last year and 2 out of the 3 trips this year they had issues with them. One of them had the ECU go out and the other one had the voltage regulator go out. The ECU issue has left him stranded on two trips now both last year and this year. I’ve never had an issue with my Skidoo Backcountry and would buy another Skidoo in a heartbeat.

    The new Summit X that I test rode in CO last week was incredible – sidehilled awesome and carved through the trees great. I wish they would come clean on the color options though. The yellow / black is fine but the pictures of the all black version look incredible yet nobody can seem to give you a straight answer on if you can order one.

  12. Keith says:

    I also ride an 09 Summit and am considering a 2013.
    Ive swapped tracks and found the floatation improves drastically with the solid track while only adding a few pounds (I think the # was 5 or 6 extra lbs). The only disadvantage I found was the amount of snow throw ( ported being the better of the two).

    As for who builds the best sled……will we ever agree!?
    How can anyone argue that there is a better plant then the etec?
    I grew up riding Polaris, bought my first doo in ’09, and will be sticking with the Canadian Leader!
    I will not be buying Polaris, I’d rather go green than go back to Polaris at this point!
    For the record, Polaris is my last choice…..excluding Yamaha(not an option)!

  13. Keith says:

    One more thing……
    Hats off to Polaris for managing to buy Burandt to sell their sleds. Great marketing!

  14. aknickmartin says:

    I have ridden (for a full day on each) an 06 rev, 08, 09,and 2010 xp summit, as well as the 2011 freeride, and they all feel incredibly heavy compared to how the Pro Rmk rides. My skidoo friend is switching brands this year to get a pro, and he has owned a 06 rev, 2010 xp and 2011 freeride, not too mention that skidoo has copied polaris on a there track, and the putting the wheels on the inside wow I thought skidoo came up with everything? My father in law owns six 2011 assaults for his rental business (and nobody cares to take good care of rentals) and only one of them has had any issues, and that was due them over heating the engine, and all it took was clearing the code and it ran amazing after that. I will say I am excited to see how this new XM will handle, it looks pretty awesome, I am a polaris guy but I will ride what is the most fun, and will also give massive credit to the ETEC, that is an amazing engine!!

  15. skichutejumper says:

    I currently own a ’07 polaris that works horribly when hot. I would like to get one of the new ski doos but cant afford it. I might just settle for an older e-tec.

  16. stev-o says:

    i ride in the northwest US were wet hevey ,step and deep is an area that holds the world record snow fall. i ride extrem mountain sleding. When it comes to sleds, to date their is only one awnser . based onthe fact i run mod sled and turbo sleds and stock sleds my personel experiance is, i have riden them all artic cat 800, 1100 turbo Yamhah, Polaris Pro and yes they are all good.
    But Now the 2013 Ski-Doo XM is out and i have demo’ed it. instantaly i realisized ski doo has raised the bar. Unmatched stock power and handiling , side hilling weight is alll balanced to perfection beond today’s standards was been blowen away running against other mafactures. After riding a 2013 Ski-doo xm i could see there was no compation, side hilling and down hill tu
    rns back up hill, in the past was a down side for ski doo, untill now. i have compaired them all even back against the 2012 xp. my finding is at the end of the day riding a 2013 ski-doo mt sled in extrem riding is, you will have more body energy left to make that last pull because the 2013XM is so easy to handel.
    and in closin, at the price of gas at the pumps today.The 800 Etek this is the most economical
    sled to run.

    • Ed Look says:

      Took a 2013 XM for a test yesterday and had the most fun I have had in years. Up above Revelstoke in 12″ powder. Unbelievable

  17. DJ says:

    I will be rideing the 13 on fri. in the Rockies, own a 10 163 lot’s of good reviews, concerned with traverseing hard packed faces, holding a line in the trees minimal ski lift and trenching have big expectations I will let you know.

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