Mercier: Dealing with Your Snow Anxiety

By Jeremy Mercier, Ski-Doo Backcountry Expert

Mercier carvingI’m usually the most tired the morning of a big powder day. Reason being is I can’t sleep a wink if I know its going to snow. And of course I’m always wondering at 2am where its going to be the deepest…

So I now have this routine where I use a few of the many online resources to target deep powder adventures.

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Norona: Ski-Doo Revy One-Piece Suit [VIDEO]

Dave Norona takes you through the features of the Ski-Doo Revy One-Piece Suit, and his impressions at mid-season.  Click here to learn more/buy.

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Scoping Zones in Early Season

By Jeremy Mercier, Ski-Doo Backcountry Expert

This time of year can be brutal for us snowmobilers. Just enough snow to tease us but not enough to ride. I like to take advantage of this time to get into shape and explore new zones on foot before the real snow arrives.

Picture 1

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Rob Alford is a powder riding legend.  He’s one of the first sled film stars and became known for his ultra smooth smooth style and ability to go big – and doing it on Ski-Doo snowmobiles from the start. We’re proud to have him as one of our Backcountry Experts.  What’s a winter day like for Rob?  And what tips does he have for snowmobilers like you?  Take a watch…

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How Ski-Doo Backcountry Experts are Preparing for the Season


We are in those last days where everyone out West knows the snow is coming.  So what have our Backcountry Experts been doing to get ready?  Here’s what’s been going on with Rob Alford, Ashley Chaffin, Jeremy Mercier, Dave Norona and Jay Mentaberry.

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Day in the Life and Tips from Bret Rasmussen [VIDEO]

We spent a few days riding with mountain snowmobiling legend Bret Rasmussen as part of our Backcountry Expert video series. We’ve got some great riding tips for you, plus a glimpse into what a day is like for the man behind Ride Rasmussen style.

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Day in the Life of Ashley Chaffin and Tips [VIDEO]

What’s it like being the most high profile extreme woman snowmobilers? Find out in our Backcountry Expert video series with Alaska’s Ashley Chaffin. Spend a day with her, and get more tips on being the best rider you can be.

Click for more tip videos.

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Why To Buy a Summit SP

Why Buy a Ski-Doo Summit Header Photo

You’re a mountain rider. You want a sled that’s the best.  You want the mountain sled that more riders bought with their hard-earned money than any other last year.

You want a Ski-Doo Summit SP.  Here’s why:

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Welcome Jay Mentaberry as Backcountry Expert

race1 Photos Ryan Thompson_FB

Photo: Ryan Thompson

Hey everybody, I’m Jay Mentaberry and I’m really excited to be a Ski-Doo backcountry expert. I should probably tell you a little bit about me. Here goes.

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Welcome Jeremy Mercier as Backcountry Expert

By Jeremy Mercier

photo 3

My name is Jeremy Mercier and I live in Grand Lake, the Snowmobile Capital of Colorado. We not only have access to some of the best riding in the state, the area also welcomes snowmobilers with open arms – it’s legal to ride snowmobiles in town.

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